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Coltogum® Water Stop - highly elastic brushable sealing compound. Reinforced with fibres. Seals in any weather.

Problem-free repair of leaky spots.

Reptech Corporation Limited
Problem-free repair of leaky spots
Reptech Corporation Limited
Coltogum® Water Stop

Coltogum® Water Stop is a tough, compact, brushable sealing compound.

Small holes and cracks are bridged by the reinforcing fibres. Its permanent elasticity permits the compound to be applied in any weather, even in rain or snow.

Coltogum® Water Stop has outstanding adhesion on practically every surface.

All these characteristics combine to make Coltogum® Water Stop a perfect product for the repair of leaks and seepage on every part of the roof. It is so easy to use - one coat is sufficient. The ready-to-use sealing compound is supplied in original cans in various sizes and is suitable for application by brush. Use straight from the can. Coltogum® Water Stop should not be thinned. Light grey in colour, with a neutral odour.

Coltogum® Water Stop Technical Datasheet (pdf).

Why Coltogum® Water Stop often produces the best sealing results

As a rule, leaky spots do not occur in new buildings; they tend to occur in areas where age has a part to play. Renovation in such cases generally involves very high costs, and the question of the cost/effectiveness ratio soon comes up.

If what you are looking for is perfect results at low cost, then Coltogum® Water Stop offers an outstanding practical solution at a very attractive price. This brushable sealing compound adheres very strongly to practically any material, which means that it has an exeptionally wide range of applications. It can be used on roofs, gutters and even on damaged outlets or brickwork.

Coltogum® is a registered trademark of SFS Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

Reptech is an authorised New Zealand distributor for Coltogum®.