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Metalock Metal Stitching Casting Repairs

Reptech Corporation Limited
Replacement of four fractured teeth in a power generator Turbine Gear
Reptech Corporation Limited
Metalock repairs carried out to the boss on large drive pulley from a stone crusher

Metalock is a method for the repair of machinery both iron and steel, which has been fractured or cracked. The repair consists of peening into prepared apertures at set centres, layers of METALOCK Keys.

These are specially formed keys made of special alloys. Each METALOCK Key takes the form of a circular section joined key and a parallel section.

Slots are cut at right angles to the fracture and METALOCK Keys are inlaid by cold working into the parent metal. The alloys having a known tensile strength and the serrations of the keys having a known shear strength, a precise amount of strength is restored as each key is inserted. Holes are next drilled along the line of fracture and these are tapped and filled with high tensile studs.

This part of the work is known as METALACE and is carried out progressively with each one matching its predecessor.

In areas of great stress-concentration the MASTERLOCK is used. This is a block of high tensile steel, usually rectangular in shape with its edges serrated in the form of semi-circular holes. Like the Metalock Key, the Masterlock is inserted into a prepared aperture and when in position, the surface is generally flush with that of the parent metal. Semi-circular holes in the parent metal match up with those in the masterlock and the resultant full holes are filled with layers of short metal dowels which are peened into position.

Some of the advantages of the Metalock process are that it dampens and absorbs compression stresses, provides a good expansion joint for such castings as cylinder liners, diesel heads, or any vessel subject to thermal stresses, distributes the tensional load away from fatigue points and relieves conditions of inherent internal stresses where rupture has occurred. Hydraulic pressures of up to 10,000 Ibs P.S.I. are coped with by the Metalock process.