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noverox® Rust Protection Systems:

Noverox® anti-corrosion, rust prevention, rust removal, rust treatment, rust converter and rust repair.

Rusting is a chemical process, which is common with the metals containing iron. For rusting to take place, there should be certain conditions. In the presence of oxygen and moisture or water, iron undergoes this reaction and forms a series of iron oxide.

Reactions are accelerated in the presence of acids. Further, when there are electrolytes like salts, the reaction is further enhanced.

    • Noverox® anti-corrosion is an aqueous rust
      protection system for application to residual
      rust. It offers a genuine alternative to any other
      rust protection products available up to now.

    • Noverox® anti Corrosion paint converts rust
      into a stable black protective layer sealing out
      moisture and oxygen preventing further rust
      from forming.

    • Noverox® protects and primes in a one-step

    • Noverox® acts directly on rust. It halts the rusting process, simultaneously forming a
      protective layer as a priming coat and actively prevents further rust attacks.

    • Noverox® anti-rust protection applications require only minimal preparation of the surface
      – no smooth grinding necessary.

    • Forms a rust-inhibiting protective layer which can be topcoated.

    • Cost saving thanks to efficient and easy

    • Brush, roll or quick drying aerosol spray

    • Little odour – can be used indoors without
      any difficulty.

    • Environmenatly friendly: contains no lead,
      zinc chromate or mineral acids.

    • The long term effectiveness of Noverox® has
      been verified by world renowned testing institutes, including: TUV Hessen and Bureau Veritas

    • Noverox® anti-corrosion is used by the military world-wide and has a Nato Stock Number

In most places in New Zealand, surfaces are exposed to salt contaminants. To effectively treat the formation of rust, the surface must be cleaned of all salt contaminants prior to the application of rust protection systems.

This is why Salt Away® is supplied and recommended as the surface preparation to wash the area and remove any salt contaminants prior to treating the affected area with Noverox®.

    • Salt Away® is a multi-purpose product designed to break down salt and prevent corrosion.

    • 100% Non Hazardous

    • Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable, Water based, inhibits rusting and corrosion

noverox® Universal Rust-Stop Spray (pdf)

Technical Data Sheet Universal Rust-Stop (noverox® Ax) (pdf)

noverox® is a registered trademark of SFS Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

Reptech is an authorised New Zealand distributor for noverox®.