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noverox® Anti-Corrosion Protection

noverox® Technology

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noverox® Universal Rust-Stop Spray, noverox® AX

noverox® is a new aqueous rust protection system for application to residual rust. It offers a genuine alternative to any other rust protection products available up to now.

noverox®, based on a single-component synthetic emulsion, represents a primer system that is simple to use and very safe for the environment. noverox® will provide safe rust protection over residual rust.

A threefold effect is achieved with the noverox® rust protection system:

- Inactivation of rust: Formation of stable, organic iron complexes from unstable iron oxide hydroxides of the rust products.

- Formation of an active protective coating in combination with a binder system that is both penetrating and resistant.

- Formation of a primer coat for topcoating with paint.

The noverox® process is based on the reduction of the unstable iron oxide hydroxide forms in combination with reducing organic substances.

The penetration and the complexing represent a time reaction. Organometallic iron-II complexes develop which oxidize through the oxygen in the air to form stable iron-II complexes. The very stable iron oxide modifications are enclosed by the resultant organometallic complexes.

Combined with the penetrating ability of the binder system, an elastic and resistant film is created which provides outstanding rust-inhibiting protection.

Greater mechanical and chemical stresses require an appropriate topcoat to be applied over noverox®.

Now available in quick drying spray cans:

noverox® Universal Rust-Stop Spray (pdf)

Technical Data Sheet Universal Rust-Stop (noverox® Ax) (pdf)

noverox® is a registered trademark of SFS Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

Reptech is an authorised New Zealand distributor for noverox®.