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Surface Preparation Technology

Surface Preparation Technology (SPT)

Stockists of Sponge-Jet® Equipment, Sponge Media, Rental Equipment and Factory Trained Contractors.


Sponge-Jet® Low Dust Dry Abrasive Blasting Technology

Sponge-Jet’s clean, dry, low dust, reusable technology can achieve results while protecting what's important – the environment, your assets, your workers and the bottom line.

Sponge-Jet® systems clean, selectively strip paint (or remove contaminants) and achieve profiles from 0 to 100+ microns (4+ mils).

Replace less effective technologies such as conventional abrasive blasting, power or mechanical tooling, high pressure water blasting and slurry blasting with high-quality Sponge Media restoration, cleaning and profiling abrasives.